Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gabe Watson breaks down in court as grisly picture of his wife is produced as evidence (and he admits the death looked suspicious)

The man accused of killing his new bride as they honeymooned in Australia wept as a police interview tape was played out in court, in which he described his failed attempts to resuscitate his wife.

Gabe Watson, 34, is accused of drowning Tina Watson, 26, in 2003 by turning off her air supply when they were scuba diving , prosecutors say.

During the taped interview, Watson told Townville detectives that he thought other divers in the Queensland vicinity would think 'something odd was going on,' as he struggled to save his wife.

The police interview, recorded five days after his wife's death, was played to the jury on the third day of Watson's murder trial underway in Birmingham, Alabama.

Watson said during the struggle he was breathing heavily and was attempting to activate his wife's buoyancy control vest.

'In the back of my mind I was thinking these people could see us, or at least think something was odd going on,' Watson told detectives. Read More