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Friday, February 24, 2012

Egypt reports two cases of bird flu this week

The Egyptian Ministry of Health notified the World Health Organization on Wednesday and Friday concerning two new, separate avian influenza H5N1 cases according to a Global Alert and Response (GAR) report.

The case reported Wednesday was a 45-year-old female from Menofia governorate. She developed symptoms on 10 February 2012, received oseltamivir (Tamiflu) treatment on 17 February 2012 and is still recovering. The case was laboratory confirmed by the Central Public Health Laboratories last Saturday.

The second case reported to the WHO today is a one-year-old female infant from Gharbeia governorate. She developed symptoms on 14 February 2012 and was admitted to a hospital on 15 February 2012, where she received oseltamivir treatment upon admission. She is in good medical condition.

The investigations of both cases show the presence of backyard poultry in their respective residences. Source