Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dead eels and waste found in Greendale Creek, Australia

PASSERS-BY at Greendale Creek, Curl Curl, were repulsed to see more than 20 dead eels and fish floating on the water’s surface this morning.

A slick of murky liquid lined the top of the water, while plenty of rubbish was strewn around the dead animals. The influx of material could have been the result of a surge in stormwater from morning rain.

Charles Hamlyn-Harris, vice-president of Curl Curl Lagoon Friends, was disappointed with the scene but resisted jumping to conclusions as to the culprit.

The creek is near an industrial area, but Mr Hamlyn-Harris said there were common causes.

“It’s hard to know why these things tend to happen,” he said. “But there are always people pouring things down the drain.

“There are 30-odd stormwater pipes that feed into that system. It’s sad that you occasionally see paint or something coming out of the drains.”

He said his community group will investigate. Read More