Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bird flu spreads in Chhukha, Bhutan

The dzongkhag has seen four outbreaks in two months
Just as the report from Bhopal laboratory in India officially confirmed that a bird flu or H5N1 virus had killed the 87 birds in Tshimasham, last December, another outbreak was confirmed in Ramitey, Phuentsholing on February 10.

This is the fourth outbreak reported in the dzongkhag in about two months time.

On February 14, the bird flu surveillance team culled 27 birds (17 adults and 10 chicks) and burnt three coops in Ramitey, about 10km from Phuentsholing.

The tracheal and cloacal samples collected from the dead bird were sent for tests after a poultry owner informed livestock officials about the bird deaths at his backyard farm.

Dr Basant Sharma said two birds died during their investigation while another two died the following day in the same farm. All birds tested positive for H5N1.

The 27 birds culled belonged to four farmers. Read More