Thursday, February 2, 2012

'Big cat' which savaged deer and farm animals to death is nothing more than a FOX.... Clever Fox placed Internal Organs neatly Next to the Bodies

A mysterious blood-thirsty wild cat feared to have devoured at least six animals in the Gloucestershire countryside was today revealed to be a mere fox.

DNA tests on two mutilated deer confirmed the killer's true identity.

Last month, three wallabies were found on farmland stripped to the bone, with their internal organs neatly placed beside their bodies.

That find came soon after the discovery of the bodies of three deer in countryside near Stroud.

Examinations revealed all the animals had suffered puncture wounds to the neck, consistent with a vicious attack by a panther-like creature.

It was then claimed that the animals were killed by the 'Wildcat of Woodchester', named after the national park where its first prey was found.

But eagerly awaited DNA results, taken from the body of two of the deer, showed no big cat saliva and pointed to a wily fox as the real culprit. Read More