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Friday, February 24, 2012

Become a Coming Crisis Citizen! (New posts appear below until Friday, Midnight EST)

The citizenship application system has been fixed. There was a tiny error in the code that I sorted out. Feel free to begin subscribing again everyone! (Thanks to those who pointed out the problem!)

The Coming Crisis has created a new citizenship system aimed at acknowledging those who truly care about our website and the pursuit of the truth, and rewarding them for that support. By becoming a citizen of the Coming Crisis, you'll be entitled to the following benefits:

1) The right to comment on all of our articles. Previously anyone, including spammers and anonymous hecklers (re: disinformation agents), have been able to comment on our pages. In 48 hours, only registered citizens of the Coming Crisis will be able to comment on our pages, and included in that privilege is the right to post links! As long as they're not commercial, citizens can now post any links that expand the discussion, unlike before. Now that everyone is identified, we can freely exchange information in a safe, constructive manner. Readers can still enjoy our pages if they don't wish to take part in the discussion.

2) Citizens receive all of our books in our shop for free! While others have to purchase the books from the shop, citizens of the Coming Crisis will have free access to all our publications by requesting one free book / publication per month. We'll mail it to you in the electronic form of your choosing, such as for your Kindle, iPad, computer, and so on. Our next full-sized book, "Slaughterhouse Earth: The 30 Most Bizarre and Unexplained Animal Genocides and Deaths of the Past Years" is on its way!

3) Citizens may acquire the right to vote on issues pertaining to the Coming Crisis, and also offer legislature at our monthly Congresses that will be held live with Matt and Lynsey. Don't just be a forum owl like on other websites. You decide, we abide.

4) Citizens may visit all the private areas of the Coming Crisis, as well as access all the services offered by the CIS (Crisis Intelligence Services), the new intelligence branch of our website. Unlike other websites that are passive providers of information, we've decided to take the war to those who trample upon our freedoms by offering you a variety of databases and tools, such as Private Investigation services, criminal and missing persons databases. To learn more about the CIS visit the "CIS" link on top of this page.

What must I invest to become to become a citizen, and how do I sign up? The investment of becoming a citizen is the equivalent of one small cup of coffee a month. Do you care about our website and the hard work Lynsey and I do enough to spare a small cup of coffee just once a month? The more citizens we have, the bigger and better this website will get. We have tons of plans in store, including book series, documentaries, and much, much more. To become a citizen or to learn more, simply click on the "Citizenship" link at the top of this page.

Citizenship will become active in just 48 hours, as of Midnight, Wednesday 22nd, EST. So if you're interested in supporting the Coming Crisis and becoming part of the family, show your appreciation and join us. The only way we can get to the bottom of the truth is by sticking together and helping one another out. We look forward to adding you among the ranks of the new Coming Crisis Nation.

Take care and stay safe,
-- Matt & Lynsey