Sunday, February 5, 2012

Apple still shamed by China's iPod sweatshops SIX YEARS after Mail on Sunday exposé

Apple has failed to tackle the scandalous working conditions at its supplier iPod factories in China, six years after The Mail on Sunday first exposed the company’s appalling record.

Workers are continuing to die and sustain injuries in horrific accidents as they are forced to work from morning to night for slave wages in sweatshop conditions.

The new allegations have been made by The New York Times, which found that Apple’s pledges to improve its safety record and working practices following our 2006 investigation have proved hollow.

Even though Apple’s own inspectors called for improved conditions, they have frequently been ignored, with whistle-blowers claiming the company pays only lip service to the issues in its relentless quest for profit.

The Mail on Sunday’s investigation revealed how Apple workers in China had to work 15 hours a day for £27 a month, and were made to sleep in dormitories and do push-ups as punishment. Read More