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Friday, February 24, 2012

10 Severed Bear Paws Seized at Chongqing Airport

January 19th, a logistics company that had arrived at an airport to ship seafood was discovered by security to have 10 bear paws, with the Forestry Police becoming involved to investigate. According to preliminary information, these 10 bear paws were smuggled from outside the country, with Chongqing only being a transit point.

January 19th 9:30am, a Chang’an van stopped at the Jiangbei Airport freight station. Opening the door, a man around 30 years old got off and unloaded 7 cartons. “Shipping to Shenzhen.” The man told the staff that the cartons held seafood inside.

According to regulations, all items shipped by air must be opened and inspected. Security screener Little Li carefully and cautiously opened the black plastic bags in two of the cartons and was shocked to find two furry black animal paws inside.

The 10 seized bear paws were all rear legs, all severed at the joints, the exposed muscles and flesh at the wounds having already discolored. The police determined that these bear were slaughtered at least half a year ago based upon experience. Source