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Friday, January 20, 2012

Who's killing our cats? Ten animals die after being poisoned with hunks of meat laced with antifreeze

A cat killer was being hunted today after ten pets were poisoned in a single street.

The suspect is thought to have killed the cats by lacing the food with deadly antifreeze and leaving it in gardens for the cats to feed on.

The RSPCA said tests confirmed the cats, who all lived in Hoo, near Rochester, Kent, had died from antifreeze poisoning.

Distraught single mum-of-one Jayne English, 37, has lost three of her cats to the toxic chemical and is now too scared to let her remaining kitten out of the house.

Miss English, a civil servant who lives with her three-year-old daughter Amelia, said: 'To lose one cat is bad enough, but to lose three has been devastating for us.

'Whoever is doing this is vindictive and evil with no sense of conscience.' Read More