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Thursday, January 12, 2012

When adults start making plans, children suffer: A peek into every day Chinese life

A Russian boy tackles his Beijing opponent in a friendly on October 25. Photo: CFP

Thankfully Beijing's kids were spared much physical harm this year, but the capital's children had their carefree lives blighted by the rules of paper pushing adults.

A "friendship match" was held in October between primary school soccer teams from Beijing and Russia.

The defeated Beijing team lost 15-0 to the experienced Russian players, which stung Chinese fans and parents.

The vice principle of the Ditan Primary School which competed with the Russian team, surnamed Wei, told the Global Times that the attention had put too much pressure on the school for any "friendship matches" in future.

"Soccer helped me deal with pressure from exams, losing was not a joyful outcome, but we are okay," a 12-year-old player from Ditan Primary School said after the match.

Away from soccer, kindergartners were taken outside to play in Beijing's dangerous air as "required" by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education.

Yu Ping, was worried about his 6-year-old going to Honghu Kindergarten in Dongcheng district and proposed cancelling outdoor activities on December 7. The principal refused for fear of commission spot checks. Read More