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Friday, January 20, 2012

Victorian water pipe ruptures on Oxford Street hurling paving slabs into the air ‘like paper’

Britain’s busiest shopping street ground to halt after a Victorian water main exploded - flooding shops with millions of gallons of water.

Millions of pounds of damage was caused when the 100-year-old pipe ruptured at 8pm last night, ripping up pavements 'like paper' and destroying 14 shop fronts, including New Look, An Summers and Superdrug.

Thames Water today apologised for the flood - believed to have been caused by a failure to replace old and rusty pipes - and said that the rebuilding of the road was expected to last about a week.

A spokeswoman said: 'A 24in water main burst on Oxford Street, at its junction with Park Street, at 8.30pm last night, flooding 14 nearby premises.

'Our engineers arrived at 9.15pm and by 11pm had managed to close the series of very large valves to stop water running through, and out of, the broken pipe. Read More