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Thursday, January 12, 2012

South African weathermen face jail or fines if they get it wrong... Predict Wrong in the UK and Receive a 30% increase in Bonuses

Weather forecasters in South Africa have been threatened with prison if their predictions prove incorrect.

Independent forecasters have been told they could be imprisoned for up to ten years - or fined up to £800,000 - if they issue incorrect severe weather warnings without official permission.

The astonishing threat is contained in a new law designed to prevent panic and economic damage caused by false predictions of gales, flash flooding or drought. Read More

Met Office forecasters who wrongly predicted freezing winter and BBQ summer receive 30% boost to bonuses

Met Office staff have been 'rewarded for failure' after bonuses shot up by 30 per cent despite making 'dramatic mistakes', MPs have said.

Their anger is likely to be echoed by those whose holiday plans were ruined by mistaken forecasts.

The Department for Business revealed that staff at the Met Office received £3.36million in bonuses in 2010-11 compared with £2.59 million the year before. Read More