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Friday, January 20, 2012

'Shot indiscriminately and dying in pain': Massacre of dozens of wild donkeys roaming state park... because they are non-native

Animal lovers are fighting to save the lives of hundreds of donkeys that are being systematically executed because they are not native to a Texas wildlife park.

Already, wildlife officials have killed 75 of the 300 wild donkeys roaming Big Bend State Park.

But more than 100,000 signatures have now been collected for a petition organized by donkey enthusiasts.

‘It really hurts me to know the money I’m paying for my camp sites and entry fees are going to fund to kill an animal I hold dear to my heart,’ Waco-based veterinarian Jennifer Garretson told CBS Houston.

‘These same parks are brutally killing these donkeys,’ she added. She claimed officials had ‘closed their ears and eyes to other alternatives.’ Read More