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Friday, January 20, 2012

Raymond Palomino charged over YouTube beating is a 'fall guy', says his policeman father because he is older.....He should of known better then

The father of one of the teens charged with beating up a boy in an attack which was filmed and posted on YouTube says his son is being treated as the 'fall guy'.

Michael Palomino, a policeman, said his 17-year-old son Raymond had been unfairly singled out because he was older than the other alleged attackers, who include a 15-year-old girl who set up a 'honeypot' sting to attract the victim.

Mr Palomino also claimed that the apparently unprovoked attack in Chicago was in fact retribution for a previous incident, and argued that the public was only hearing 'one side of the story'.

He turned in his son after seeing the video, and told the Chicago Sun-Times: 'Being in law enforcement, I just couldn’t put my blinders on and not do anything after I saw what I saw.'

Raymond Palomino appeared to be fighting back tears as he appeared in court yesterday, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Of the other six teenagers charged, five are Chinese, and proceedings have been delayed while the court tries to find Cantonese translators for their families. Read More