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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Police will get the right to challenge bail granted to dangerous suspects

Jane Clough (pictured), killed by her boyfriend who was out on bail

Prosecutors and police will be able to appeal against court decisions that let dangerous suspects walk free on bail, it was announced yesterday.

Every year more than 100,000 offences are committed by suspects released on bail for another crime – including rape and murder.

At the moment any decision by a judge to allow a suspect out is final.

But yesterday David Cameron pledged to change the law, following a campaign by the parents of a nurse murdered by her former partner.

Former paramedic Jonathan Vass killed Jane Clough, 26, in a car park at Blackpool Victoria Hospital as she started her shift in the A&E department.

Vass, 31, had been released from prison on bail when he cycled to the hospital to carry out the killing.

In July last year, eight weeks before he was due to stand trial for her rape and sexual assault, he knifed Miss Clough more than 70 times. Read More