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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ocean Sun Fish Washes up at Margate following odd winter weather, England

Anglers fishing off the coast of Margate are used to catching a range of species including the chip shop favourite cod.

But the latest animal to wash up on the beach at the Kent seaside resort is something a little more exotic.

The ocean sunfish, a tropical species usually found in much warmer waters, was found on the town's beach last week.

The baby fish was discovered alive on the sand but had died by the time a team of volunteers from the British Diver’s Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) arrived. Read More


The sunfish that washed up on Margate beach was around 2ft in length, but the species, known as the Mola Mola, grows to become the heaviest fish in the world.

An average adult weighs around 1,000kg and lives on a diet of jellyfish, consumed in huge quantities.

The fish, whose natural lifespan has not been determined, are vulnerable to few predators in the ocean, and among humans are considered to be a delicacy, popular in the Far East.

The sunfish's name refers to the animal's habit of 'sunbathing' ont the surface of the water.