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Friday, January 20, 2012

'No alcohol' sign Translated into SEVEN languages because Eastern EU migrants claim they 'don't understand'... Charge them, then They will Understand

West Yorkshire Police have spent £3.3million on translation costs over the last three years.

Police fighting to stop Eastern European migrants binge drinking in the street have put up posters in seven different languages saying that alcohol is banned.

Officers in Armley, West Yorkshire, had the message translated into Slovak, Czech, Polish, Russian, Latvian and Lithuanian. It is also written in English.

The area is home to a growing number of people from Eastern European countries who are drinking cans and bottles of alcohol in public.

West Yorkshire Police have spent £3.3million over the last three years on translators.
They have even deployed a Polish-speaking officer to the area so they can communicate effectively with the growing number of migrants. Read More