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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Zealand oil spill continues to kill birds

A fresh oil leak at a New Zealand coral reef has left dozens of birds dead from the spill. The report from the Maritime New Zealand agency said that the Rena ship, which went aground in the reef months ago, continues to spill oil into the ocean, devastating the ecological system.

But the agency said it was able to save 10 baby blue penguins, who have been taken to a local center to be cleaned and recover.

Since the ship broke down on October 5 in the North Island port of Tauranga, at least 2,000 birds have been reportedly killed by the spill of some 360 tons of oil.

Teams are continuing to work around the clock in an effort to respond to the spill, which has hit beaches at Mount Maunganui about 20 kilometers from Tauranga, the agency told in a statement on Wednesday.

“We are working as best we can and as quickly as possible to clean-up the area after the destruction it has caused,” said the agency’s statement. Read More