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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More oil spills from Christmas Island ship wreck

Heavy seas off Christmas Island have broken the wreck of a cargo ship into three pieces and there are growing concerns about the environment, as more oil leaks from the ship.

The MV Tycoon broke its moorings and smashed up against a sea wall three weeks ago.

Residents of the island say the oil spill is getting worse.

John Richardson, Commander of Christmas Island Volunteer Marine Rescue, says about one third of the beach at Flying Fish Cove has been polluted by the wreck.

"It's unfortunately discharged quite a considerable amount more diesel and oil, so we have a very large slick and a very large area of Flying Fish Cove, towards the port, absolutely black," he says.

Administrator of Christmas Island, Brian Lacey, says while salvage operations can't begin until weather conditions improve, he hasn't been made aware of any plans to remove the vessel. Source