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Thursday, January 12, 2012

MI5 and MI6 Spies Will NOT Face Prosecution Over Torture Claims

No MI5 or MI6 agents will face torture prosecutions, officials have said after an investigation into the treatment of terror suspects.

However, the Director of Public Prosecutions said a new investigation will be held into allegations of rendition in Libya.

The announcement was made in a statement confirming there was not a realistic chance of prosecution regarding allegations British spies were complicit in the abuse of former Guantanamo Bay detainees.

But the Metropolitan Police will look into two allegations of rendition and torture relating to Libya.

"The allegations raised in the two specific cases concerning the alleged rendition of named individuals to Libya and the alleged ill-treatment of them in Libya are so serious that it is in the public interest for them to be investigated now rather than at the conclusion of the Detainee Inquiry," the statement said.

At the end of last year Sky News reported the Libyan military leader who led the assault on Tripoli was suing the British government.

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