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Friday, January 20, 2012

Le Roy Junior Senior High School, New York Students Mysterious Illness still Unexplained

Twelve female students from Le Roy Junior Senior High School in upstate New York are experiencing a mysterious medical condition. Their symptoms include stuttering, uncontrollable twitching movements and verbal outbursts.

Health officials say the symptoms are consistent with "conversion disorder."

Dr. Jennifer McVige, a pediatric neurologist at the DENT Neurologic Institute who is treating many of the students affected, said, "Conversion disorder is a physical manifestation of physiological symptoms where there is traditionally some kind of stress or multiple stressors that provoke a physical reaction within the body." McVige said the symptoms are real. "This is unconscious. It is not done purposefully."

Thera Sanchez, a senior on the honor roll at the school, said she has been fighting this affliction since October. She said after waking up from a nap, "I got upset, I couldn't stop stuttering."

During an interview with CNN's Jason Carroll, her symptoms were apparent: She was twitching uncontrollably, flailing her left arm and jerking her head to one side. Sanchez said she also faints and has seizures. The seizures are a result of her pre-existing epilepsy disorder, which had been under control for years.

Lydia Parker, also a senior at the school, is exhibiting similar symptoms. "I took a five-minute nap. I passed out for five minutes and I woke up stuttering," Parker said. She said her symptoms also started in October. Parker has a bruised forehead after banging it on her bedpost during a fainting spell, she said. Read More