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Friday, January 20, 2012

Hugh Billington arrested for attempted murder after 'crashing lorry full of petrol into ex's bungalow then setting it alight'

The driver of a fully-loaded fuel tanker was today arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after allegedly crashing into a bungalow and deliberately setting it alight.

Neighbours claimed the man arrested was Hugh Billington, the husband of the bungalow's resident Christine Billington, who was inside.
Disaster was only averted when a brave man leapt into the blazing cab and reversed the potential 'bomb' out of the partially collapsed home, just yards from a primary school full of children.

The 53-year-old suspected target saw the lorry coming and escaped unhurt as the driver sprinted off. A neighbour gave chase but was kicked in the groin when he tried to apprehend him.

The man then leapt over a fence and across a nearby railway line. Three hours later police arrested Mr Billington.

It is believed he had recently separated from blonde Mrs Billington, who runs a dog grooming business, and the £235,000 bungalow had been put on the market. Read More