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Friday, January 20, 2012

France threatens to pull troops out of Afghanistan after four soldiers killed

France has suspended all joint operations with the Afghan army and threatened to withdraw from the country after an Afghan soldier shot dead four French troops.

The attack was the second to hit French soldiers in two months after two soldiers with the French Foreign Legion were shot dead by a man wearing an Afghan army uniform in December.

Scores of Nato troops have been shot dead in recent years in similar attacks which have raised fears of widespread Taliban infiltration among Afghan forces and underlined the often tense relations on the ground between the allies.

Nicholas Sarkozy said France had suspended all training and support operations with the Afghan army and was sending its defence minister and military chief of staff to the country to review the situation.

Mr Sarkozy said: “If we are not satisfied with the level of security, we will draw the consequences.”

“I will go so far as to order an early withdrawal of our troops. We are there as friends of the Afghan people. We cannot accept that an Afghan soldier fires on French troops.” Read More