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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dozens freeze to death as temperatures plunge to MINUS 26C in parts of Eastern Europe

Heavy snow and a severe cold snap have killed at least 36 people across eastern Europe.

Poland, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic have all been hit by temperatures as low as -26C - causing schools to close, roads to be blocked and power cut.

Residents have been urged to stay indoors as local authorities open up hundreds of emergency shelters in a bid to halt the rapidly escalating death toll.

Ukraine's Emergency Situations Ministry said 18 people died of hypothermia and nearly 500 people sought medical help for frostbites and hypothermia in just three days last week.

Twelve of the dead were homeless people whose bodies were discovered on the streets. Temperatures in parts of Ukraine plunged to minus -16C during the day and -23C during the night.

Authorities opened 1,500 shelters to provide food and heat and shut down schools and nurseries. Read More