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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cameron sold UK down the river at Brussels summit, says Miliband..... Getting used to it, Bought a Second Paddle Last Week :)

Labour leader accuses prime minister of failing to protect British interests and mishandling negotiations with European Union.

David Cameron is to face Labour claims in the Commons that he sold the country down the river at the EU summit by failing to protect vital national interests.

He will also face Tory backbench concern that he abandoned a vow to block the rest of the EU using European institutions such as the European court of justice to enforce its new fiscal pact. The pincer movement could be uncomfortable for the prime minister, who is due to make a statement about Monday's EU summit to the house on Tuesday afternoon, as his diplomatic tactics come under scrutiny.

The Labour leader, Ed Miliband, speaking on ITV, said: " I'm very concerned about what David Cameron has done because he trumpeted last December that he got a great deal for Britain, he'd protected us and everything, and the way that Europe was going to go about this treaty ... wasn't going to affect Britain. Now he seems to have sold us down the river on a lot of things so I'm going to be asking him in the House of Commons today what exactly has he agreed to, what protections has he got for Britain." Read More