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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

As unemployment in UK soars, British bosses are recruiting THOUSANDS in Romania (with 90% of new jobs going to foreign nationals)

British bosses are offering thousands of jobs to Romanian workers as unemployment in the UK soars.

Just days ago, officials revealed that the number of British unemployed had reached a 17-year high of 2.68million.

But more than 2,400 vacancies, including roles for nurses, engineers, chefs and other skilled workers, are being advertised by an online recruitment agency in Bucharest.

The firm says that British companies are trying to fill 2,434 new jobs with Romanian workers – making the UK a better bet for migrant workers than Germany, which is advertising 2,387 positions.

Many of the posts in Britain are for medical positions, tourism professionals and skilled staff, with 25 per cent being offered to labourers and unskilled workers.

Earlier this month, UK unemployment hit 8.4 per cent, its highest level since 1994. But official figures show that nine out of ten jobs created in 2010 went to foreign nationals.

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