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Friday, January 20, 2012

Amber Roderick lured 16-year-old girl to house where she was plied with drink and drugs and gang-raped at knifepoint

A teenage girl was today jailed for luring a 16-year-old to a house party where she was plied with drink and drugs before being gang-raped at knifepoint.

Amber Roderick, 19, smothered herself in dog shampoo and joined in with the horrific attack which left the vulnerable victim traumatised.

Today it emerged that she had only just been released from jail after forcing two boys, aged nine and ten, to perform sex acts on each other in a park.

Jailing her indefinitely for at least four years, Judge Bruce McIntyre said she posed a significant risk of harm to the public, including young people and children.

Roderick had met the 16-year-old in the street and later persuaded her to join a party which was being thrown by her friends.

She was given cannabis as well as vodka and coke drinks so strong she had to ask for them to be watered down, Reading Crown Court heard.

The initial assault took place on the top floor of the house, in Reading, where Joseph Lawrence, 29, threatened the girl with a knife before forcing himself on her. Roderick also took part in the attack.

After the pair had finished, Lawrence told his young victim that he would stab her in the face if she ever told anyone. Read More