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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Alaska fuel convoy moves just 50 FEET in a day... and giant ice wall blocks harbor for crucial delivery

An icebound convoy in Alaska is in nearly the same position it was a day ago, despite efforts to extricate it from the ice so it can deliver fuel to the capital, nearly 100 miles away.

Because of strong currents from the Bering Sea and thick ice, the vessels moved through 56 miles of the sea Tuesday, but made minimal progress Tuesday, only advancing 50 feet. Its progress is being aided by a 2.5-pound drone, which flies overhead and sends information to scientists on shore.

When the Russian tanker Renda – which is carrying 1.3million gallons of fuel for Nome – arrives at its destination, it will still have to face a 25-foot pressure ridge that is blocking the entrance to the harbour. Read More