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Friday, January 20, 2012

7 mutilated bodies, many questions, no answers, India

On Monday, as Saporam village in Jharkhand’s Khunti district celebrated the festival of Tusu, cousins Peknath Munda, 35 and Fagu Munda, 20, went to a village fair nearby. That was the last anyone saw of them.

They did not return that night, and on Tuesday, a search party led by Peknath’s two wives Rayanda Hassa and Martha Mundu found their horribly mutilated bodies in a rocky, bloodsoaked patch of land 3 km from the nearest habitation.

There were five other bodies, all similarly smashed and hacked, scattered over a 300 sq m area by the Tazna river. The next day, a large police force with two anti-landmine vehicles discovered disposable plates, glasses, a bottle of liquor, a pair of sandals and a piece of hockey stick nearby.

Two other bodies were identified today — Punya Hassa, 28, of Rutadih village, and Aakash Hassa, 25, of Davadih, both farmers. Three bodies remain unidentified, but all seven killed were tribals, police said.

“The recovery of the items around the bodies indicates that the massacre was meticulously planned and carried out with precision,” S-I Birsa Gari, who is investigating, said.

The wives of Peknath, who was a farmer and had a PDS shop, were not willing to talk. Read More