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Friday, January 20, 2012

3 die of scrub typhus, India

Three persons in the district are suspected to have died of Scrub Typhus causing concern among villagers. The disease spreads from mice and is suspected to be contagious.

The virus causing the disease is suspected to spread from mice in forest areas. When these mice enter farms, farmers are also affected. As the disease is contagious and spreads fast, it has caused concern in the area. During December, the incidence of the disease was high in Dharmapuri district and now it is prevalent in Erode district. Mice which enter farms to eat groundnuts and grains spread the disease. Symptoms of the disease include boils, leg pain and tiredness of the body.

"Two of the victims were from Nambiyur in Erode district and one was from Puliyampatti," said a source. Doctors of the Indian Medical Association are now trying to spread awareness about the disease and its treatment through an SMS campaign," the source added. Source