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Sunday, April 17, 2011

James Cooper, 25, and James Kouzaris, 24, British Friends Found Shot Dead In Florida whilst on Holiday - 17th Apr 2011

Two British tourists shot dead in Florida 'street robbery that went wrong'

Two British tourists have been shot dead in Florida, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

The victims, both men, are believed to be victims of a street robbery that went wrong as they holidayed with family and friends in the Gulf coast town of Sarasota.

Police confirmed the victims were aged 24 and 25 and were found in an area not usually frequented by tourists.

The body of one of the victims was found on the pavement surrounded by up to 20 shell casings.

While checking the area police came across the second victim.

Police in Sarasota said neither of the men were in possession of drugs, but would not say whether they had cash or weapons.

A police spokesman said: 'This is an area where not many tourists venture. We are still trying to ascertain why they were there.'

Both victims were white,' said Sarasota Police Captain Paul Sutton.

The men were found riddled with bullets in front of public housing in North Sarasota.

Their bodies were discovered at 3.20am. One theory is that they were victims of a botched street robbery.

A local resident called 911 after reporting hearing gunshots and seeing a man covered in blood.

The bodies of both men were found within a short distance of each other.

Forensic teams spent over six hours looking over the area and placed markers for at least 20 shell casings.

A spokesman for the British consulate in Miami said: 'British consular officials can confirm that two British nationals were killed in Sarasota, Florida, on April 16. Next of kin have been notified.

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Note: Update According to Sky News a 16 Year old Boy has been arrested and charged with two counts of murder

Jared Loughner mugshot a fake? Arizona shooting continues to raise more questions than answers

A retired FBI agent comments on the total lack of police coverage on that day, despite there being two high-profile targets (a Congresswoman and a US District Court Judge), both of whom previously received death threats:

Portions of this post were reader contributed. If you have any further information regarding the Arizona shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and John Roll, please contact us.

Federal practices hamper study of Gulf dolphin deaths -- Nah, that couldn't be deliberate, could it? (Read contributed)

A federal agency's practice of returning weakened dolphins to deeper Gulf of Mexico waters is thwarting efforts to probe dolphin deaths after last year's BP oil spill, scientists said on Saturday.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, meanwhile, confirmed that two dolphins stranded in low tide on the Louisiana coastline were returned to water deep enough for them to swim away.

"These animals had no signs of external oil and were deemed healthy and robust," NOAA spokeswoman Kim Amendola said, adding that beach releases are a viable option in some circumstances.

"The animals were pushed to deeper water by our stranding network partner, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, and swam off on their own," Amendola said.

Researchers said weakened and stranded dolphins should instead be rescued and tested.

Moby Solangi, director for the Institute of Marine Mammal Studies in Mississippi, said returning the dolphins to deeper waters also was undermining efforts to determine who is responsible for the rash of sea animal deaths in Gulf waters.

"We are not able to conduct necropsies on these animals any more either," Solangi said. "This is all because of the BP criminal investigation."

The article continues on later:

Fifteen of the 406 dolphins that have washed ashore in the last 14 months had oil on their bodies, the oceanographic administration has said.

Deepwater Horizon oil was confirmed to be on six bottlenose dolphins, one had an unknown oil and two have not been tested. (read more)

Gulf of Mexico death spiral continues -- more dead dolphins and other animals (Reader contributed)

Contributor's comments regarding set of dolphin photos:
"Taken in Louisiana. Mother dolphin attempt to revive dead baby dolphin. Notice the hole in the dead dolphin it looks just like the holes in red snapper being caught by fishermen in the GOM."

Here is a link to the story regarding chemical holes in the red snapper -- note the similarities:

Contributor's comments regarding set of dead animal photos:
"Dead sea turtle was sitting on the beach for a week so far." And as a sign of just how apathetic and ignorant many people have become of the serious situation in the Gulf of Mexico: "Kids were playing with the dead bird while their parents watched."

Super rich see federal taxes drop dramatically -- half of US citizens pay no tax at all

As Monday's tax filing deadline nears, ponder this: The super rich pay a lot less taxes than they did a couple of decades ago, and nearly half of U.S. households pay no income taxes at all.

The Internal Revenue Service tracks the tax returns with the 400 highest adjusted gross incomes each year. The average income on those returns in 2007, the latest year for IRS data, was nearly $345 million. Their average federal income tax rate was 17 percent, down from 26 percent in 1992.

Over the same period, the average federal income tax rate for all taxpayers declined to 9.3 percent from 9.9 percent.

The top income tax rate is 35 percent, so how can people who make so much pay so little in taxes? The nation's tax laws are packed with breaks for people at every income level. There are breaks for having children, paying a mortgage, going to college, and even for paying other taxes. Plus, the top rate on capital gains is only 15 percent.

There are so many breaks that 45 percent of U.S. households will pay no federal income tax for 2010, according to estimates by the Tax Policy Center, a Washington think tank. (read more)

Bull Market Could Get Rocked if Oil Keeps Rising

With market complacency and optimism both nearing levels unseen since before the financial crisis, the market either has A) put the damage of the past two and a half years behind it, or B) is setting up for a fall.

While the prevailing current in the market is towards "A," swelling commodity prices are putting "B" into play, particularly if energy prices continue their relentless move higher.

"The 2008 and 2009 era of financial crisis is pretty much behind us. Most investors would agree with that," says Andrew Wilkinson, senior strategist at Interactive Brokers. "What's overhanging the market now is this great big question mark over commodities. It has hung over the market like the sword of Damocles."

Despite a healthy rally Friday, stocks have done virtually nothing for the past seven weeks. The 1,315 level for the Standard & Poor's 500 on Feb. 22 looked a lot like the 1,314 where the broad gauge opened Friday.

Early earnings reports have had little effect overall, despite some significant disappointments from big banks and Google.

But in other ways, the market looks a lot like the one just before stocks started coming off their record highs in October 2007, a decline that would accelerate as some of Wall Street's most venerable financial giants began vanishing into the dust of the subprime mortgage debacle. (read more)

World Bank president: 'One shock away from crisis'

The president of the World Bank has warned that the world is "one shock away from a full-blown crisis".

Robert Zoellick cited rising food prices as the main threat to poor nations who risk "losing a generation".

He was speaking in Washington at the end of the spring meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Meanwhile, G20 finance chiefs, who also met in Washington, pledged financial support to help new governments in the Middle East and North Africa.

Mr Zoellick said such support was vital.

"The crisis in the Middle East and North Africa underscores how we need to put the conclusions from our latest world development report into practice. The report highlighted the importance of citizen security, justice and jobs," he said.

He also called for the World Bank to act quickly to support reforms in the region.

"Waiting for the situation to stabilise will mean lost opportunities. In revolutionary moments the status quo is not a winning hand." (read more)

Leuren Moret predicted Fukushima nuclear disaster seven years before it happend -- and no one cared, until now

Written by Leuren Moret in 2004 for the Japan Times:

Of all the places in all the world where no one in their right mind would build scores of nuclear power plants, Japan would be pretty near the top of the list.

The Japanese archipelago is located on the so-called Pacific Rim of Fire, a large active volcanic and tectonic zone ringing North and South America, Asia and island arcs in Southeast Asia. The major earthquakes and active volcanoes occurring there are caused by the westward movement of the Pacific tectonic plate and other plates leading to subduction under Asia.

Japan sits on top of four tectonic plates, at the edge of the subduction zone, and is in one of the most tectonically active regions of the world. It was extreme pressures and temperatures, resulting from the violent plate movements beneath the seafloor, that created the beautiful islands and volcanoes of Japan.

Nonetheless, like many countries around the world -- where General Electric and Westinghouse designs are used in 85 percent of all commercial reactors -- Japan has turned to nuclear power as a major energy source. In fact the three top nuclear-energy countries are the United States, where the existence of 118 reactors was acknowledged by the Department of Energy in 2000, France with 72 and Japan, where 52 active reactors were cited in a December 2003 Cabinet White Paper.

The 52 reactors in Japan -- which generate a little over 30 percent of its electricity -- are located in an area the size of California, many within 150 km of each other and almost all built along the coast where seawater is available to cool them.

However, many of those reactors have been negligently sited on active faults, particularly in the subduction zone along the Pacific coast, where major earthquakes of magnitude 7-8 or more on the Richter scale occur frequently. The periodicity of major earthquakes in Japan is less than 10 years. There is almost no geologic setting in the world more dangerous for nuclear power than Japan -- the third-ranked country in the world for nuclear reactors. (read more)

Nine killed in Indonesian landslide‎ - 17th Apr 2011

EAST JAVA, INDONESIA (BNO NEWS) -- Nine people were killed and eight others were injured on Sunday after a landslide in Indonesia's East Java province, Antara news agency reported.

According to an eyewitness, the accident happened at about 11.30 am local time when the villagers were looking for wood in Pandansari village. He said that a number of stones and soil suddenly fell off a cliff, after the villagers took the firewood on the edge of the Nambaan River, which is just below the steep cliffs.

Muji Utomo, one of the Indonesian Red Cross members, said avalanches that fell from the cliff with a height of 80 meters (262.46 feet) buried all the nine villagers. The victims range in age from 21 to 44.

All the dead victims have been evacuated at about 03.30 pm local time, and were laid in state in a mosque prior to their burial. Source

Hailstones leave at least 12 dead in Southern China - 17th Apr 2011

BEIJING - Hailstones, thundershower and gales pounded south China's Guangdong province Sunday, leaving at least 12 dead and 27 injured as of 7 pm, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The natural disasters, which began to savage cities including Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan and Zhongshan since 12 am Sunday, affected 506.7 hectares of farmland and caused about 50 million yuan ($7.65 million) in direct economic losses, the ministry said.

The provincial government of Guangdong has dispatched a work group to the disaster-affected areas to direct relief work. And local government has initiated emergency plans to rush the injured to hospital, provide aid to the elderly, and inspect the areas for endangered buildings. Source

Pump-and-Run Driver Drags Gas Station Worker in New Jersey

A Fort Lee, N.J., gas station attendant almost lost his life over $20 worth of gas, sources said.

Security camera video shows the employee holding onto the side of a Nissan Maxima, desperately trying to stop the driver. That is because the driver apparently had pumped $20 worth of gas and then drove off without paying.

The worker was dragged to the edge of the highway and then collapses to the pavement. Luckily, he survived and is doing OK.

A witness said the same guys in the Maxima have ripped off the gas station before. He said last week they paid for gas, but made off with two cases of water without paying. (read more)

D-Fox -- Please contact us if you can read this.

If you're reading this, please contact us via the contact page. Our email address is there. It's important -- we believe.

Tornado Cuts Power to Surry Nuclear Plant, State of Virginia - 17th Apr 2011

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff is monitoring the situation at the Surry nuclear power plant after the site lost offsite power early Saturday evening due to a tornado affecting an electrical switchyard next to the plant.

The NRC is monitoring the event through the NRC resident inspectors at the site and in the Atlanta regional office. The plant is operated by Dominion.

The two units at the Surry plant automatically shut down after losing offsite power. Four of the plant’s diesel generators started to power the units’ emergency loads, an NRC spokesman said in a press release. Plant operators have partially restored offsite power to both plants, and safety systems have operated as needed.

Dominion notified the NRC of the situation soon after it happened and the agency dispatched its resident inspectors to the Surry plant site as well as staffed its incident response center in Atlanta. Dominion declared an "unusual event," the lowest of the four NRC emergency classification levels, around 7 p.m. Saturday. Source

Leuren Moret: "North American contaminated with radiation" -- Is yellow rainfall occuring in Tokyo but not being reported?

Statement can be heard around the 46 minute mark.

Japan Nuclear Crisis: The Dangers of Radiation

Japanese reactor will rage for up to 9 months: New leaks feared after radiation levels rise sharply

The operator of the crippled nuclear power plant leaking massive amounts of radiation in northern Japan announced a plan Sunday that would bring the crisis under control within six to nine months and allow some residents to return to their homes.

The phased road map for ending the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, presented by Tokyo Electric Power Co. chairman Tsunehisa Katsumata at a news conference, included plans to cover the damaged reactor buildings to contain the radiation and eventually remove the nuclear fuel.

"We sincerely apologize for causing troubles," Katsumata said. "We are doing our utmost to prevent the crisis from further worsening."

Frustrations have been mounting over TEPCO's failure to resolve the nuclear crisis more than a month after a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on March 11, knocking out power and cooling systems at the Fukushima Daiichi complex.

Katsumata, who was hammered by questions over his management responsibility, told reporters he was considering stepping down because of the crisis.

"I feel very responsible," he said.

Katsumata said he was not sure when the tens of thousands who had been forced to flee their homes because of the crisis could go back, but Japanese Trade Minister Banri Kaieda said some could return home within six to nine months. (read more)

Study reveals how bees reject 'toxic' pesticides

Bees can detect pesticide residues in the pollen they bring back to the hive and try to isolate it from the rest of the colony, the American government's leading bee scientist revealed in London yesterday.

They "entomb" the contaminated pollen in cells which are sealed over, so they cannot be used for food, said Dr Jeffrey Pettis, head of the Bee Research Laboratory of the US Department of Agriculture.

Yet pesticides are not the only major factor involved in the declining health of bees, Dr Pettis told MPs. He also highlighted poor nutrition and disease, and how these interact. Great interest has been shown in Dr Pettis's work on how a new generation of pesticides, the neonicotinoids, which are increasingly used over enormous acreages of crops in Britain and the US, and may be contributing to the worldwide decline in honey bees by making them more susceptible to disease. (read more)

Mountain pine beetles could infect forests across Canada

Mountain pine beetles have successfully made the species jump from lodgepole pine to jack pine, increasing concerns that the pest could infect forests from British Columbia to the east coast, according to a University of Alberta-led research team.

The group of U of A tree biologists and geneticists discovered that, as the mountain pine beetle spread eastward from central B.C., it successfully jumped species from its main host, the lodgepole pine, to the jack pine. Jack pine is the dominant pine species in Canada’s boreal forest, which stretches east from Alberta all the way to the Maritime provinces.

In Alberta, there is a zone where lodgepole and jack pine hybridize before the switch from one species dominating the forest to the other. There had been no record of mountain pine beetle infection in natural hybrid or jack pine stands, wrote the team in their study, published Monday in the online version of the scientific journal Molecular Ecology. There was considerable evidence to suggest hybrids and jack pine would be suitable hosts for the beetle’s reproduction, though, and they decided to have a closer look. (read more)

Declining mangroves shield against global warming

Mangroves, which have declined by up to half over the last 50 years, are an important bulkhead against climate change, a study released on Sunday has shown for the first time.

Destruction of these tropical coastal woodlands accounts for about 10 percent of from deforestation, the second largest source of CO2 after fossil fuel combustion, the study found.

Fewer trees not only mean less CO2 absorbed from the air, but also the release of that have been accumulating in shallow-water sediment over millennia.

Mangroves -- whose twisted, exposed roots grace coastlines in more than 100 countries -- confer many benefits on humans living in their midst.

The brackish tidal waters in which the trees thrive are a natural nursery for dozens of species of fish and shrimp essential to commercial fisheries around the world.

Another major "ecosystem service," in the jargon of environmental science, is protection from hurricanes and storm surges.

Cyclone Nargis, which killed 138,000 people in Myanmar in 2008, would have been less deadly, experts say, if half the country's mangroves had not been ripped up for wood or to make way for shrimp farms. (read more)

Native bee populations on the decline, report confirms

The National Academy of Sciences recently released a report confirming that some native bee populations -- the ones agriculture has depended on for centuries for pollination, until the advent of the honeybee -- are in decline. And one of the major culprits is no surprise: habitat loss.

The scientists, led by Sydney A. Cameron of the University of Illinois at Urbana, found that the relative abundances of four species have declined by up to 96 percent over the last few decades. In addition, their surveyed geographic ranges have contracted by alarmingly -- as much as 87 percent, and even at the lowest level, 23 percent.

The bumble bees also are being hit with higher infection levels of a pathogen known as Nosema bombi. (read more)

Glaciers melting at fastest rate in 350 years, study finds

Some mountain glaciers are melting up to 100 times faster than at any time in the past 350 years.

The findings, based on a new ice loss calculation technique developed by studying the glaciers of Patagonia in South America, have worrying implications for crop irrigation and water supplies around the world. The quantity of ice lost from Patagonia is equivalent to a fifth more than the contents of Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes of North America.

Scientists behind the discovery claim their findings show that the rate of melting at the start of the 20th century was much slower than previously calculated, but that over the past 30 years it has been significantly faster than suspected. (read more)

one hundred million animals are tortured, mutilated and killed in laboratories all around the world each year - 15th Apr 2011

To tie in with the launch of Worldwide Laboratory Animal Week (April 17-24, 2011), Animal Defenders International (ADI) wants to remind the US public of the pitfalls of animal experimentation and inform them of the sophisticated alternatives now available, including cutting edge human based alternatives to animal research.

This week of action is to commemorate the suffering of the one hundred million animals that are tortured, mutilated and killed in laboratories all around the world each year and to raise awareness that laboratory animal research is both cruel, and bad science.

According to the latest US statistics, nearly one million animals were tortured, mutilated and killed in US laboratories in 2009. Animals are only counted once, regardless of the number of times they are used and of similar concern is the fact that two of the most frequently used species in laboratories- rats and mice – are not even recorded in the US. So, the actual figures for animals used in US labs will be significantly higher than those published.

Jan Creamer, President of ADI said: “ADI is dedicated to bringing attention to the cruel, wasteful and unnecessary experiments performed on these defenseless animals and want people to reflect on their suffering during this week. Every year in the US millions of animals suffer and die in experiments needlessly that can never be trusted for research purposes. Read More

Lab test horror: Terrified rabbits starved for 30 hours then put in stocks and injected with drugs - 17th Apr 2011

An undercover investigation has revealed that bunnies are being subjected to excruciating drug tests after being starved for up to 30 hours, denied water, then locked into vices – with some not surviving the ordeal.

Some may feel that dying would be a better option for the rabbits, because those that did live through it were simply re-used and kept in bare metal cages that drove them half-mad.

The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, or BUAV, spent eight months at Wickham Laboratories in Hampshire secretly filming their procedures – and say that the lab inflicted ‘appalling suffering’ on thousands of animals in tests that are ‘crude, archaic and extremely cruel’.

Among the lab’s subjects are a colony of around 100 rabbits which are used to test the side effects of antibiotics, blood filters and saline waters.

BUAV say that the test substances are injected into an ear vein that sometimes results in painful damage to the ear and weeping eyes. In other instances a temperature probe is inserted into the animal’s rectum and left for hours at a time.

The rabbits clearly find these tests uncomfortable and distressing. Those that are too weak to be used again are killed afterwards, the others are returned to bare metal cages that just add to the suffering. Read More

Update: Tornadoes Continue toTear Through US Killing 45 people - 17th Apr 2011

At least 45 people are said to have died after a powerful storm whipped up tornadoes across parts of the southern and central United States over three days.

Tornadoes and thunderstorms hit North Carolina on Saturday, knocking out power, flooding streets and uprooting trees. A state of emergency has been put in place for the state.

At least 15 counties in the central and eastern parts of the state reported significant damage from tornadoes, according to local media, with dozens of homes destroyed or severely damaged.

The Bladen County Emergency Operations Centre said three people had been killed - two in Ammon, north of Elizabethtown, and one in Bladenboro.

An official in Wake County told the Fox News Channel there were also three deaths there and two dozen "significant injuries".

Dozens of people were saved at a hardware store in Sanford when a manager moved them into the back of the store to avoid the approaching storm, which flattened the front of the building. Read More

FBI reports cattle mutilations as media distraction continues -- declassified documents grow increasingly disturbing - 17th Apr 2011

***Please Click Images to Read Documents

Many of you probably ran across the cringe-worthy headline that appeared in the UK paper known as The Sun, and if you didn't, here it is: "Close Encounters of the Herd Kind". Funny, right? It pertained to the recent crop of declassified FBI documents, particularly to FBI investigations into unexplained animal (mostly cow) mutilations in the United States.

Here's the Sun article in case you're interested...

It goes on to tell a highly sensational and outrageous story about a wave a panic that purportedly swept through the White House upon the discovery that "alien animal sacrifices" were taking place, and then attempts to link this garbage back to what is contained in the FBI files themselves. Had the writer of the article or editor of The Sun actually bothered to read any of the files, they would have realized they were being ridiculous and deflecting people from the true story the classified documents contained, and how troubling American and worldwide animal mutilations actually are.

So to begin this editorial, we'd like to make three points:

1) There are not 8000 mutilations reported in the FBI files as The Sun suggested.

2) We want Gary O'Shea, the writer of The Sun article, to tell us where he obtained the information for his story, because little of it reflects reality, and at The Coming Crisis, untruth is a crime. We've been searching through the declassified FBI files for weeks, and never did we come upon the outrageous claims made by Mr. O'Shea. Is he choosing to be an entertainer rather than a journalist, or is there a deliberate effort going around to minimize the seriousness of this issue?

3) We purposefully did not post The Sun's article because we felt a more thorough, accurate investigation of the FBI files was warranted, and wanted to address the issue of cow and animal mutilations with seriousness and integrity, for it's a real occurrence causing real fear and trouble across the entire world.

For far too long, the subject of UFOs, animal mutilations and the possibility that humans may not be the only show in town have been treated with derision and comedy. This needs to stop. Healthy skepticism is always required regardless of the issue being examined, but when it reaches the point where one can no longer ask questions or delve deeper into a subject unless one is wearing a jester's cap, something is either wrong or there is a deliberate deflection being manufactured.

Therefore, we openly challenge Gary O'Shea and The Sun to produce a single link or screenshot of the FBI file(s) that make their sensational headline a fact.

Now that we've taken our stance, let's do some real investigation.

The declassified FBI documents show that during the late 1970's in the US Southwest, in the region of 120 unexplained cattle mutilations occurred over a period of three years.

Whats incredibly strange is that in each of these reported cases, the cattle carcasses all share similar traits (from the FBI reports themselves):

1. They're completely drained of blood

2. The left ear, left eye, sex organs, lips and anus are missing, as if targeted

3. In addition to being completely drained of blood, wounds show no signs of bleeding, nor is any blood found around the immediate area where the dead animals rest

4. No foot prints are found in the immediate or surrounding areas where the dead animals rest

5. Entire major organs are missing without obvious entry or excision marks

6. When incision marks do exist, they're precise as if made by a surgeon's tool, and bloodless

7. There exists a total absence of predation signs, such as teethmarks, tearing of skin or flesh, or animal footprints near the dead animals or surrounding areas

8. In the rare event that a minuscule amount of blood is left within the dead animal, it possesses peculiar discoloration and does not coagulate for days

9. The ground on which the animals rest is depressed as if the animal had been dropped from a great height; indeed, many of the animals' bones were found with fracture injuries consistent with a fall

10. Other cattle instinctively avoid the carcass and the area in which it's found

11. Unidentified helicopter activity in the vicinity of the dead cattle around the time that the animals go missing, reported by eye witnesses

Other peculiarities regarding the cattle carcasses were also documented within the FBI reports:

As reported by Gabriel Veldez of the New Mexico police, "Both the liver and the heart were white and mushy. Both organs had the texture and consistency of peanut butter." Also noted: "Samples from the animal's liver were found to be completely devoid of copper and to contain 4 times the normal level of zinc, potassium and phosphorus. The scientists performing the analysis were unable to explain these anomalies." And lastly, "Blood samples taken at the scene were reported to be 'light pink in color' and 'did not clot after several days', while the animal's hide was found to be unusually brittle for a fresh death (the animal was estimated to have been dead for five hours)."

Initially, the animal mutilations were brushed off in the earlier FBI reports as being the result of hungry predators and the fact that scavengers particularly enjoy the soft issues. But are rodents intelligent enough to target the same organs in every instance, to leave absolutely no blood, and to conduct their lunches with such precision that even surgeons would have difficulty reproducing the wounds? Also keep in mind that these reports cover cases that span twenty or more counties in a vast area, and are not centralized in one place, meaning the same animals would not be involved even if they were the culprits.

Then came the reversal: towards the end of the 1970s, it was reported that experts conducting the tests concluded that the cattle mutilations were not, in fact, the result of predators eating carcasses. The precision cuts found on the animals as well as complete blood drainage excluded the possibility that natural causes were to blame.

Stranger still, upon closer examination of the animal carcasses, "unknown bacterial substances" were discovered and collected in test tubes for further analysis -- in the form of flaky white material -- yet the reports state that it's "alright" to destroy the samples if necessary during the examination! Why have the results of the examinations not been made public?

But wait, they were: the FBI said the "unknown bacterial substances" were merely "paint flakes". Does this not even warrant the raising of an eyebrow? Isn't this more sensational then spicing up a story with ludicrous numbers for a tabloid? What about the other FBI documents that include letters from US Senators, police, FBI agents, White House staff and newspaper editors, as well as reports of witness intimidation, unidentified helicopter sightings, and farmers being threatened? It goes on and on.

Even though the declassified FBI reports in question pertain to just one region in the US and events over a single decade, cattle and animal mutilations are a worldwide phenomenon that has been repeating itself for years and years, and still continues happening even today, 30 years on, much to the distress of farmers whose animals are their livelihood.

If this is the case, why are such events trivialized and sensationalized instead of investigated with a skeptical eye and open mind? A horror story it may be, but what is truly frightful is that something as disturbing as this occurs as often as it does and no one is giving it any sincere attention.

What if animal mutilations have more potential implications than we're willing to admit? Do we hide our heads in the sand, laugh it off, or do something about it?

We'll include some document screenshots and videos that further illuminate this issue, and continue investigating the FBI file vault for other information that warrants attention.

Have you been a witness to cattle mutilation? Are you a farmer who has had this happen to your own livestock? Have a story to tell? Get in touch with us.

-- Matt & Lynsey

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