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Friday, January 21, 2011

More Pennsylvania UFO Fleets Reported Today

Here are two videos of more UFO sightings over Pennsylvania, considering of orb fleets appearing and disappearing over Pittsburg, PA.

Please note that the person who takes these videos makes it a point to always talk in a Miss Piggy voice, likely because humour is the one of the only ways to get people to pay attention to the events transpiring around us.

Regardless, the footage is authentic and part of a growing body of filmed evidence of something strange occurring over that state.

If the voice annoys you (the person's actually pretty funny in parts), just mute it - it's the footage itself that's important.

Part 1

Part 2

Earth 'to get second sun this year' as supernova turns night into day

The Earth could soon have a second sun, at least for a week or two.The cosmic phenomenon will happen when one of the brightest stars in the night sky explodes into a supernova.

And, according to a report yesterday, the most stunning light show in the planet’s history could happen as soon as this year.

Earth will undoubtedly have a front row seat when the dying red supergiant star Betelgeuse finally blows itself into oblivion.

The explosion will be so bright that even though the star in the Orion constellation is 640 light-years away, it will still turn night into day and appear like there are two suns in the sky for a few weeks.

The only real debate is over exactly when it will happen. Read More...

Note: Will be kind of nice having 24 hrs sunlight for a few weeks, but I'm not sure if our planet as a whole would be jumping with joy at this future event. Do our plants, flowers, trees, oceans etc.. not need day and night to complete their cycle? If anyone out there could enlighten us on what affect this event would have to our planet, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

100+ Pelicans Sick in Florida, 12 Dead

Bird experts in Jacksonville are trying to figure out what killed a dozen pelicans in Mayport and sickened more than 100 others.The recent deaths come just weeks after the mysterious deaths of thousands of birds falling from the sky in Arkansas.Cindy Moseling, who's been caring for and rehabilitating birds at Bird Emergency Aid and Kare Sanctuary on Big Talbot Island for decades, said she has seen her feathered friends die for various reasons, but is especially concerned this time."The last few days, we've had quite a bit of birds dying," Moseling said.She said she's found the pelicans dead near the St. Johns River and seen at least 100 more that don't look healthy. She said it's because of something in the water.

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One year after Haiti earthquake, corporations profit while people suffer - Does anyone remember that over 300.000 PEOPLE LOST THEIR LIVES?

One year after an earthquake devastated Haiti, much of the promised relief and reconstruction aid has not reached those most in need. In fact, the nation's tragedy has served as an opportunity to further enrich corporate interests.

The details of a recent lawsuit, as reported by Business Week, highlights the ways in which contractors - including some of the same players who profited from Hurricane Katrina-related reconstruction - have continued to use their political connections to gain profits from others' suffering, receiving contacts worth tens of millions of dollars while the Haitian people receive pennies at best. It also demonstrates ways in which charity and development efforts have mirrored and contributed to corporate abuses.

Lewis Lucke, a 27-year veteran of the U.S. Agency for International Development (U.S. AID) was named U.S. special coordinator for relief and reconstruction after the earthquake. He worked this job for a few months, then immediately moved to the private sector, where he could sell his contacts and connections to the highest bidder. He quickly got a $30,000-a-month (plus bonuses) Read More...

SOME FACTS, which some people never knew or would like to sweep under the carpet;
  • Estimated 3 Million people affected
  • 1 million Homeless
  • Estimated 316.000 LOST THEIR LIVES
  • Estimated 300.000 Injured
  • 1 year on only 5% of the rubble removed
  • $5.3 billion total pledged to Haiti by world governments
  • 1 Year on only 2% released from $1.1 billion charity fund
By May 2010, enough aid had been raised internationally to give each displaced family a check for $37,000.


On 14 January 2010, the U.S. government announced it would give US$100 million to the aid effort and pledged that the people of Haiti "will not be forgotten"

Violent Seismic Activity Tearing Africa in Two

The fissures began appearing years ago. But in recent months, seismic activity has accelerated in northeastern Africa as the continent breaks apart in slow motion. Researchers say that lava in the region is consistent with magma normally seen on the sea floor -- and that water will ultimately cover the desert.

Cynthia Ebinger, a geologist from the University of Rochester in New York, could hardly believe what the caller from the deserts of Ethiopia was saying. It was an employee at a mineralogy company -- and he reported that the famous Erta Ale volcano in northeastern Ethiopia was erupting. Ebinger, who has studied the volcano for years, was taken aback. The volcano's crater had always been filled with a bubbling soup of silver-black lava, but it had been decades since its last eruption.

The call came last November. And Ebinger immediately flew to Ethiopia with some fellow researchers. Read More...

NOTE: Image included - Erta Ale, a volcano in the deserts of Ethiopia’s Afar Triangle in northeastern Africa, erupts. The volcano’s crater had always had a bubbling soup of silver-black lava. But, in November 2010, it started erupting again after decades of lying dormant.

10,000 Cattle Dead In Vietnam: Cows, Buffalo Part Of Mass Die-Off

In the latest of a string of mass animal deaths, 10,000 cows and buffalo have died in Vietnam.

Vietnam's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development confirmed the news this week that more than 10,000 cows and buffalos died nationwide due to harsh weather conditions.

Cattle have been dying throughout Vietnam, which has had a particularly intense winter. The northern mountainous province of Cao Bang was hardest hit with 2,260 dead cattle, per Thanh Nien News. Some have said the number of total dead cattle may be as high as 13,000
Mass animal deaths have been in the news quite a bit lately. Hundreds of birds were found dead in South Dakota early this week, Read More..

South Korea Genocide: 1.9 Mostly pigs and Cattle KILLED IN LESS THAN 2 MONTHS!!

SEOUL, South Korea — Hundreds of South Korean Buddhist monks and believers offered prayers Wednesday for more than 1.93 million cows, pigs and other animals that have been put to death in the country's worst outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease.

The Buddhists endured subfreezing temperatures to hold the rite at Jogye Temple, the headquarters of the Jogye Order, South Korea's largest Buddhist sect.

Some monks clad in grey and saffron robes offered white chrysanthemums — a traditional Korean symbol of grief — and bowed in front of photos of animals inside the temple in central Seoul.

They also bowed toward two big golden statues of Buddha and chanted sutras before circling around a pagoda and burning mortuary tablets and incense.

The animals — mostly pigs — have been killed in an attempt to halt the outbreak, which was reported in November Read More...

NOTE: Foot and mouth hit that region in jan 2010 and killed 55000, so how come it is near 2 million this time round? That is a big increase... Also for a region that has been hit by foot and mouth 1 year ago, would they not of vaccinated their lifestock?

From dead birds to the not-so-common nutria, northwest Tennessee facing its share of mysteries

A couple of wildlife mysteries cropped up in Obion County over the weekend.
Scattered on and alongside South First Street at the city limit marker in Union City were more than 70 bird carcasses Monday morning.
About 23 dead birds were found flattened on the roadway near Union City’s welcome sign and another 48 dead birds were scattered on the east side of the roadway.
The mysterious bird deaths mirror similar incidents earlier this month in Alabama, Arkansas, California and Louisiana.
It was during New Year’s weekend in Beebe, Ark., just northeast of Little Rock, that an estimated 5,000 blackbirds were found dead on the ground. Wildlife officials there offered their explanation that the birds were startled by New Year’s Eve fireworks and they ran into low lying structures such as chimneys, houses and trees, according to the Associated Press. Read More..

Pennsylvania UFO Invasion Ongoing: Orb fires "beam" onto field, caught on camera

Pennsylvania has been seeing an incredible amount of activity regarding UFO sightings, and one woman, Alison Kruse, has been filming a group of orbs that hover around forested areas.

While there are numerous videos of PA sightings, so many in fact that we can't show all of them hear, here are two notable videos:

Pennsylvania UFO Orb Firing a Laser Beam (that only appears on infra-red):

(Yes, this video is from 2009, but the vast majority of PA sightings resemble this one, except for the fact that the object in this video is the only time they've been been spotted "firing" a beam)

This is the video that essentially started off the giant wave of UFO sightings in PA:

(You'll notice that in PA sightings, the UFOs take mostly one of two forms: either the "police lights" form in this second video, or the "orb" form in the first video)

We'll do our best to keep you updated on any significant updates on PA sightings. Just search Youtube for UFOs and Pennsylvania, and you'll find an additional wealth of archived and current videos.

Fears of China's Economy Overheating Grow, Inflation Rampant

Concerns the Chinese economy is overheating mounted after offical figures revealed the economy grew faster than expected at the end of last year and inflation remained above target.

Meanwhile, Guangdong added to the fears after China's biggest provincial economy increased its minimum wage by 18 to 26 per cent, the second big increase in less than a year.

The national economy expanded at an annual rate of 9.8 per cent in the final quarter of 2010, and grew 10.3 per cent for the entire year.

Consumer price inflation, a growing worry for policymakers, fell to 4.6 per cent in December from a more than two-year high of 5.1 per cent the previous month.

However, analysts said the moderation was mostly due to a high base the year before, and that prices would accelerate strongly in the first quarter of this year, complicating efforts to cool the economy without triggering a sharp slowdown.

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Farmer wants to know what’s killing his buffalo

Jan 21st 2011 -

Dozens of buffalo on a Sempronius farm have died mysteriously over the last four months, and veterinary examinations provide no clue to what happened.

“We’re going nuts down here trying to figure out what’s going on,” farm owner Peter Head said. “This is going to put me out of business.”

Beginning in October, the buffalo have been dying off sporadically — as many as six on some days. Of the original 110 animals, 55 have died, including 17 of 23 calves and many of the older animals, Head said.

“They just stand around like they have stomach cramps,” Head said of the sick buffalo. “Like something’s bothering them on the inside.” Read more..

Note: 4 Months? and they still cant find what is causing this.

24 pilot whales die in New Zealand stranding

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) - New Zealand conservation officials on Friday euthanized 10 pilot whales, the only survivors of a 24-strong pod that became stranded in a mangrove swamp.

The whales had been found earlier in the day trapped in the shallow water and mud in Parengarenga Harbor on North Island, with 14 already dead.

The mammals had been there for some time and the 10 survivors were in poor shape, said Department of Conservation area manager Jonathan Maxwell. Read More ...

Trapped in ice, 'thousands' of fish die in Detroit River

Residents in Riverside are concerned about what they say is a major fish kill in the Detroit River.

Andre Mailhot was out walking his Jack Russell terrier in Alexander Park - a municipal park that runs along Riverside Drive roughly between Strabane and George Avenues - on Tuesday when he saw "thousands and thousands" of dead fish floating in the water.

"I couldn't believe it. As far as I could see, I could see all those little white spots," Mailhot said. "They were just coming down the river like somebody threw them in the water." Read more...

Mystery as greenish-yellow goo falls from the sky in New York

The FAA has launched an investigation after a mysterious greenish-yellow goo fell from the skies and splattered homes in Snyder, New York on Tuesday.

Homes along Washington Highway and Berryman Drive are now coated in yellow or green icicles. Walls and pavements are splashed with a bizarre deep brown substance.

Neighbours said the mystery substance appeared between the hours of 9am and midnight on Tuesday - Read More..