Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wolves kill another cow on same ranch, Oregon - 19th Dec 2011

Wolves from northeast Oregon’s Imnaha pack have killed a cow for the second time this week, according to an Oregon Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman.

Michelle Dennehy said her department confirmed Tuesday that a yearling cow was found dead on private land.

She said the adult cow was found dead on the same ranch that a yearling heifer was found dead on Sunday. The second cow probably died Monday night or Tuesday morning.

The latest killing was the sixth confirmed livestock loss to wolves since Oct. 5.

Wolves from the pack generally preyed on small calves last year and mainly during the spring. Dennehy said the pack appears to be shifting to larger livestock and killing later into the winter.

A “kill order” has been issued for the Imnaha pack’s alpha male and a younger wolf, but it was blocked by a lawsuit.

Dennehy said 33 ranchers have state permits that would let them kill wolves seen biting or killing livestock, but ranchers have to see the attack — and wolves typically hunt at night. Source