Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tesco and BT among firms 'funding pirate sites with advertising'... but say they're in the dark about where ads appear

A staggering 83 major firms, including Tesco, British Telecom, British Gas and Vauxhall have been indirectly funding pirate film and TV websites through advertising, according to The Federation Against Copyright Theft (Fact).

The watchdog says that websites that allow internet users to download copyrighted material costs the movie and television industries in the UK £200million a year in lost revenue.

Fact has warned all of the firms that their advertising has been appearing on these sites, and therefore generating revenue for law-breakers, but they all argued it’s difficult knowing where ads will appear and do take them down once they’re aware of what’s happened.

Several of the firms, including BT, Tesco and Vauxhall, failed to respond to Fact, according to The Times. Read More

Note: Anyone else would of been caught, quartered and flung into Guantanamo.

Large corporation seem to be having a field day, can get out of paying taxes and now fund Piracy. Ironic thing is The large corporations created piracy and then moaned about it.