Tuesday, December 20, 2011

St Paul's protest camp 'is a magnet for crime', court hears as anti-capitalists pledge to hold two-week Christmas party - 20th Dec 2011

The St Paul’s protest camp has become a ‘magnet’ for criminals, alcoholics and drug addicts, the High Court heard yesterday.

The churchyard where anti-capitalist demonstrators have pitched 200 tents is also unsanitary and stinking, it was alleged.

The claims were made as the City of London Corporation started legal action to evict the Occupy London protest which has been in the cathedral grounds since October 16.

David Forsdick, representing the Corporation, said: ‘The protest camp has acted as a magnet for people who have caused significant disorder and a substantial increase in crime in this area.’

Social workers are concerned about the mentally ill, alcoholics and drug addicts who have been attracted to the camp, the court heard.

On sanitation, Mr Forsdick said foul water and ‘other debris’ was being flushed down rainwater drains. He added: ‘There is an odour problem.’

The camp is damaging businesses near the cathedral and impairing worship, he said. Read More