Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sick joyrider mows down and kills 15 pregnant sheep in barbaric 4x4 rampage, Wrotham Hill, Kent, England - 20th Dec 2011

This is the scene of carnage left in the wake of a sick joyrider who deliberately ploughed his 4x4 into a flock of heavily-pregnant sheep.

Devastated farmer Chris Sargent, 29, found the mangled bodies of 15 ewes lying dead or dying in his field in Wrotham Hill, Kent.

The farmer today said he believes his animals were targeted by twisted thrill-seekers playing a game to hit as many of the livestock as possible.

A number of ewes were left with missing limbs after they were hit with such force the car’s bumper fell off.

Mr Sargent, who had a flock of 80 sheep before the attack, said the killing of 15 ewes and up to 25 unborn lambs was 'utterly barbaric'.

He said: 'What sort of a person can deliberately mow down a flock of sheep in the middle of the night? It’s utterly barbaric. Total cruelty.

'They have been out here for some time. It is not just a two-minute attack.'

A stunned walker discovered the carnage at 9am on Monday and called the police. Read More