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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Huge Anti-Putin Protest Descends On Moscow - 24th Dec 2011

More than 50,000 Russians have pledged to attend what could be the biggest protest since the disputed parliamentary elections on December 4.

The gathering is being seen as a litmus test for the opposition which is also hoping for a high-profile turnout with famous journalists, writers, opposition leaders and bloggers expected to take to the podium.

The authorities have sanctioned a gathering for 50,000 people on Moscow’s Sakharov Avenue, where it is believed Mikhail Gorbachev may address the crowds.

The former Soviet leader has called for the recent fraud-tainted general election to be re-run. He also said he was ashamed of prime minister Vladimir Putin's reaction to anti-government protests in his strongest criticism of the Kremlin yet.

"This is shameful. And embarrassing. I, for example, am ashamed," he said of Mr Putin's mocking attitude when the prime minister sarcastically compared the protesters white ribbons to condoms. Read More