Saturday, December 31, 2011

Egyptian authorities to stop raiding American offices after U.S. pressure

The Egyptian authorities have agreed to stop raiding the offices of human rights and pro-democracy groups after the U.S. government intervened.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta welcomed the decision, but expressed 'deep concern' that the attacks by security forces had been allowed to take place.

The non-governmental organisations had been accused by Egypt's military rulers of destabilising security by fomenting protests with the help of foreign funding.

Thursday's raids on a total of 17 offices throughout Egypt were part of the ruling generals' attempt to blame 'foreign hands' for the unrest that continues to roil Egypt since the 18-day revolt that ousted long-time leader Hosni Mubarak in February.

Among the offices ransacked were the U.S.-headquartered National Democratic Institute, Freedom House and the International Republican Institute, which is observing Egypt's staggered parliamentary elections. Read More