Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dengue alert in city, FIJI - 29th Dec 2011

THREE confirmed dengue fever cases in Lautoka has prompted the city council to take new measures by conducting insecticide spraying in the city.

Council acting Health Services director Rouhit Karan Singh said with the presence of the virus and high density of the adult mosquito population, the council with the assistance of the World Health Organisation and Health Ministry started motorised spraying last week.

Mr Singh said the spraying was carried out early in the morning and late in the afternoon depending on the weather.

"This is the best time to counter dengue species mosquitoes," he said.

He urged Lautoka residents to take precautionary measures during the spraying period.

"Cover all food, utensils and drinking water, open all doors and windows as the dengue mosquitoes prefer to live inside. Keep yourselves and your children away from the motorised sprayer. Read More