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Saturday, December 31, 2011

David Dean Smith Mission to Infect 'Hundreds' with HIV hands Himself in,

An HIV-positive man used unprotected sex as a way to spread the disease, potentially infecting thousands of people.

David Dean Smith, 51, turned himself in to a Michigan police station last week and his sordid multi-year mission to infect as many men and women as possible is beginning to come to light.

'He says he intentionally attempted to spread the disease to kill people,' said one detective according to

'His latest fantasy is strangling a woman and having sex with her dead body.'

It is unclear when Smith was diagnosed with HIV, but he claims to have known full well what he was doing when he had unprotected sex with many partners over the past few years.

While he claims that there may be thousands of victims, so far he has only been arraigned and charged with two counts of AIDS-sexual penetration with an uninformed partner. Read More