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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Darren Deslandes Murder: How can our son's murderer have more human rights than we do?

Wintworth and Lurline Deslandes are desperate to confirm suspicions that Saturday Hassan - who shot their public schoolboy son Darren in the head after being thrown out of the family’s pub is a foreign national so they can ensure he is deported if he is released from jail. But the Home Office refuses to give them the information - to protect the killer’s privacy.

Sitting in her small suburban house, Lurline Deslandes turns the pages of the family’s photo album and points to a picture of her son Darren.

It shows a sweet-looking boy dressed in his blue uniform at his new school, looking pleased.

‘We were so proud of Darren that day,’ says his mother.

‘He was a bright child so we scrimped and saved up to pay for him to go to public school at Dulwich College. He played rugby for their team. He loved it there and they have never forgotten him.’

Darren Deslandes had a glowing future ahead of him — a tribute to his parents, who had strived so hard to give their children the very best upbringing. Read More