Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Council slammed for awarding £4m bin contract to a GERMAN firm... even though British bid was £250,000 cheaper

A council has been attacked for awarding a £4million wheelie bin contract to a German company - despite a British bid that was £250,000 cheaper.

Durham County Council will buy 225,000 'twin bins' from the overseas supplier, allowing it to reduce collections to fortnightly next year.

The move has infuriated families and workers in the region, which has been one of the worst hit areas in the country during the financial crisis.

Cancellations of weekly collections elsewhere in the UK have led to chaotic scenes, with bins overflowing and unsightly rubbish strewn across roads.

Campaigners said taxpayers' money was being squandered instead of vital cash being injected into local businesses.

With the Labour-run council trying to save around £150m, the £250,000 could have been used to improve roads and youth services, or reduce the 1,600 job cuts being made by the authority.

The decision was also called a 'kick in the teeth for British manufacturers' who have lost out on the quarter-of-a-million-pound deal.

But the council insisted price alone was not the deciding issue, and that European rules meant it could not favour a UK supplier. Read More

Note: Was wondering when the Great EU Rules would show up in a sentence.