Tuesday, December 20, 2011

China's offshore oil and gas producer CNOOC shuts South China's Sea Platforms due to leak at subsea pipeline - 20th Dec 2011

China's offshore oil and gas producer CNOOC said late Monday that a leak was found in a subsea gas pipeline at its Zhuhai Hengqin gas processing terminal in South China's Guangdong province.

Following the incident, CNOOC said it shut some platforms at the Pangyu 30-1 and Huizhou 21-1 fields, reducing production by about 26,700 b/d of oil equivalent.

"Currently the terminal in under accelerated depressurization process," CNOOC said, adding that the incident did not cause any injuries or environment pollution.

The Zhuhai terminal, located on Hengqin island, is the gas processing terminal for the joint development project of the PY30-1 gas field and the HZ oil field.

The cause of the incident is under investigation.

CNOOC is developing the PY30-1 and HZ21-1 fields jointly to enhance efficiency and reduce operating costs.

PY30-1 is located in the Pearl River Mouth Basin in the eastern region of the South China Sea, about 240 km southeast of Hong Kong. The average water depth of the field is around 200 meters.

The PY30-1 development facilities include an integrated platform and three subsea pipelines. Natural gas from PY30-1 is piped to the onshore gas processing terminal in Zhuhai and then supplied to users after further processing. Read More