Saturday, December 31, 2011

California officials post $60,000 reward after 21-fire arson spree

Twenty-one fires, set in rapid succession in the Hollywood area, have prompted authorities in California to post a $60,000 reward in what they say is one of the worst arson sprees in recent memory.

In almost every case, the fires were started on parked cars within a span of about five hours early Friday morning, officials said. Some of the fires spread to nearby buildings.

Among the homes damaged was one that was once occupied by Doors frontman Jim Morrison. The street where the house sits -- Rothdell Trail -- was the inspiration for the Doors song, "Love Street."

Seventeen fires were set in Hollywood; four others in West Hollywood -- all of them within a 2-square mile area.

Fire officials said they were relieved no one was hurt, although a firefighter suffered a non-life threatening injury. Read More