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Thursday, November 24, 2011

White smoke making a spectacle of Mount Anak Krakatau - 23rd Nov 2011

Mount Anak Krakatau (GAK) in the Sunda Strait was still producing white smoke on Wednesday (23/11/2011) The Disaster Mitigation Center Vulkanalogi and Geology (PVMBG) still sets the status of the mountain level III or Standby.

"In the past two days, GAK continuously produced white smoke, "said the Head of the Rural Post Pasauran Monitor GAK, Sub Cinangka, Serang Regency, Banten Province, Anton Tripambudi. He explained that the smoke from the stomach of a white GAK and leads to the high seas . "Cloud of smoke as usual, the wind carried it to the sea," he said.

With such condition, the mountain is still undergoing an eruption and seismic activity, yet interesting PVMBG recommendation of evacutaion is just 2 mile radios around GAK.."We are still prohibited anyone approaching the seismic location up to a radius of two miles, because it is still dangerous, "he said.

PVMBG prohibition made ​​by the date of 30 September 2011, performed for the common good, because the material released by GAK are still dangerous due to seismic activity. However, he announced to the fishermen and local people to keep doing normal activities, like fishing. Source