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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Two more wallabies found dead at same animal park where third was beheaded last month - 24th Nov 2011

Two more wallabies have been found dead at an animal park where a third was beheaded last month.

Three more animals were brought to the park to provide company for wallaby Rolph, whose companion Bruce had his head cut off in an attack last month.

But just days after arriving at their new home, two of them were found dead at Brent Lodge Animal Park in Hanwell, west London on November 15.

One animal was found with its throat cut while all that remained of the other were limbs scattered across the park, it is believed.

Police say they are keeping an open mind over the attacks - although it is 'strongly' believed that foxes were to blame for the latest deaths.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: 'Following further investigation of the death of the two wallabies in, one line of inquiry is attack by foxes.

'We however retain an open mind and inquiries continue.'

In October, Bruce was beheaded with a knife by an intruder who had cut through a perimeter fence at the park to enter the enclosure overnight.

Shocked staff later discovered the animal's corpse in its enclosure with its head missing. Read More