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Friday, November 4, 2011

Tibetan sets light to himself outside Chinese embassy - 4th Nov 2011

This was the horrific scene in New Delhi as another young Tibetan exile sets himself on fire as a show of solidarity with other anti-China protesters.

Indian police managed to overpower the man and put out the flames engulfing his jeans as he lay on the ground outside the Chinese embassy.

Sherab TseDor, 25, shouted 'Free Tibet, Stop Killing in Tibet,' as police took him in a jeep to a hospital.

Police said the man suffered minor burns.

At least 11 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in China in recent months protesting against Chinese restrictions of Tibetan religion and culture in the disputed state.

A Buddhist nun in south-west China, Qiu Xiang, 35, died overnight after setting herself on fire at a road crossing in Dawu County, in the Ganzi region of Sichuan Province.

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed the incident related to 'pro-Tibetan independence forces' overseas. Read More