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Friday, November 4, 2011

Staff Sergeant Calvin Gibbs shot Afghan "with a smile on his face" -- then boasted about how easy it is to get away with it

A U.S. Army sergeant accused of murdering three unarmed Afghan civilians casually shot one victim "with a smile on his face," then pulled a tooth from the dead man's mouth, a fellow soldier testified on Wednesday.

The chilling account followed testimony from several other ex-peers of Staff Sergeant Calvin Gibbs who recalled that he referred to Afghan villagers as "savages" and once told another soldier, "the Army needs more people who can kill people."

The portraits of Gibbs as a cold-blooded, renegade squad leader with a deep ethnic hatred of the very people U.S. troops were supposed to be protecting from Taliban forces emerged during a third day of testimony in his court-martial at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma.

But defense lawyers sought to discredit the prosecution's star witness, former Army Specialist Jeremy Morlock, with a video clip he shot of himself delivering a profanity-laced, racist diatribe against a group of Afghan men detained by U.S. troops.

Morlock's ranting, craven appearance in the video contrasted sharply with his calm, focused demeanor in court earlier this week, when he took the stand to paint Gibbs as the instigator behind murders of innocent villagers staged to look like legitimate combat engagements. more