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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shhh!! U.S. Dept passes $15 trillion milestone... - 17th Nov 2011

National debt for the United States raced through the $15 trillion mark Wednesday afternoon without any pause or reflection from the snowballing digits, in contrast to critics of the White House.

To Republicans, the missing acknowledgement by the US Debt Clock of its financial feat appeared to mirror President Barack Obama and congress' own attention to the deficit, as the deadline on the 'Super Committee,' tasked to find $1.2 trillion in savings, edges nearer.

Venting on Twitter himself, Republican Candidate Jon Huntsman called the number 'unacceptable,' writing, 'This is why voters have lost trust in Washington. We need new leadership and real change now.'

Echoing the cry for new 'leadership,' Representative Paul Ryan who is the Chairman of the House Budget Committee admonished the figure, writing, '15 trillion in national debt marks an infamous day in U.S. history. You deserve leaders willing to tackle this problem.'

But in the capitol, both congressional Republicans and Democrats were at a statement in their yearlong assault on the federal deficit. Read More