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Friday, November 4, 2011

Second Tibetan nun burns to death in China - 4th Nov 2011

A Buddhist nun in southwest China has died after setting herself on fire, the 11th Tibetan -- and second nun -- to self-immolate since March.

The death of the nun, identified as Qiu Xiang, was reported by state-run Xinhua and confirmed by exile groups.

The 35-year old set herself on fire at a road crossing in Dawu County, in the Ganzi region of Sichuan Province, the South China Morning Post said, citing Xinhua.

It was unclear why she killed herself, though Tibetan campaign groups say it was in protest against Chinese rule.

But China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed the incident related to "pro-Tibetan independence forces" overseas.

"Everyone knows that nowadays, except for the very few evil cults and extremist forces, all religions advocate respect for human life and oppose violence," said spokesperson Hong Lei. Read More